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Aardbeving 12 mei 2015

Bachi Amaa

As a result of the earthquake of the 12th of May the children of the Bachi Amaa children's home sleep outside again. They received a good tent from the Anandaban Leprosy Hospital. Some of the children still have their summer holidays and are spending their time by making tents. Currently we are waiting for the second inspection to assess the condition of the house. An architect will check if the children can move back into the house after the damages have been repaired.

We are grateful that we have received many donations as a result of the earthquakes. As a Foundation we see it as our responsibility to also help those which fall outside the scope of the activities of the Foundation. We have supported the Anandaban Leprosy Hospital and a team which went to the heart of the epic centre. In the newsletters below you can see how we have spent your donations so far. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Anna Theuvenet, chairman of the Bachi Amaa Foundation:

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Project Epic Centre

Nepal is slowly picking up the pieces from what is left. Your help is still very much needed. If you would like to make a donation or know other people which are interested kindly forward the details below.

We started a crowdfunding campaign for our foreign friends:

Account number: 786717068
Stichting Bachi Amaa
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If you would like to donate to a specific project kindly mention this in your transfer.

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terug naar Nieuwsoverzicht

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