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In 2010, the Foundation became involved with an existing school fund established by the Leprosy Hospital in Anandaban. The Leprosy Hospital, which is sponsored by Australian Aid, supports around 300 children across Nepal who have leprosy or whose parents have the disease. There is also a programme that helps children with a disability to attend school. The children remain with their own families and attend school in their own home town or village. This programme is also supported by the Bachi Amaa Foundation. The Bachi Amaa Foundation pays the sum of 500 rupees, or around €5, per month towards the schooling costs of each child. Two employees of the Leprosy Hospital, to which the school fund is attached, supervise the fund. Their activities include visiting the children supported by the fund in various locations across the country. They also request reports for the children. If a child’s performance at the end of the year is not satisfactory, then he or she is given an extra year in which to improve. In 2014, the Bachi Amaa Foundation supported 30 children. These children have disabilities, have leprosy and/or have parents with the disease.

Below are a few children who are supported by our school fund.

When Anita was two years old the doctors discovered that she was suffering from a growth disorder that prevented her from walking properly. With help of the School Fund she went to school when she was older. Even though she was behind her classmates and a it older than them, they all adore her and she is performing very well.

Sonalal was three years old when he got into a serious accident. As a result his left leg had to be amputated. His best friend is blind. They help each other going to school and in the classroom.



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