The goal of the Bachi Amaa Foundation is to support children in Nepal who do not have a healthy home environment by providing them with the basic necessities of life, a home and education. 

Children’s home: the Foundation provides a place to live, food and education to 15 children. These children, who do not have a healthy parental home of their own, all live together in one house with two foster parents.

School fund: The Foundation also supports the children of the Anandaban Leprosy Hospital School Fund. Some of the children are disabled or have leprosy and live at home or with family members.

When Anna Theuvenet (chairwoman and founder) lived in Nepal, Bachi was her babysitter. Forsix years, Bachi took care of Anna while her parents, who were specialists in leprosy and orthopaedics, were working at the Anandaban Hospital. Her two older brothers went to school in Kathmandu during the day. Anna always called her Bachi Amaa (Mother Bachi) as she was like a second mother to her. Bachi Amaa passed

away in the summer of 2007. When she returned to the Netherlands, Anna maintained contact with Nepal as it was the place where she grew up and because she still thinks of it as her second home. One day, her parents told her the story of Rup Lal. 

Rup Lal was admitted to the Anandaban Hospital at the age of 16. He had been abandoned by his mother because he had leprosy. Even today, the illness is seen as a punishment from God. When he had recovered, Rup Lal wanted to do something for other children in need. He began taking care of six children within his own family. Rup Lal asked Anna’s parents to help him establish a children’s home. With the help of her parents, Anna and two friends founded the Bachi Amaa Foundation in the summer of 2008. 

A house was established where children could find a home, where they were taken care of and where, with dedication and love, they would be given a second chance. Just as Bachi Amaa was a mother to Anna, the Foundation wishes to provide care to children. In addition to providing a safe and loving family for the children, the Foundation wants most of all, with an eye on the future, to give them the opportunity to develop through good education.


For a long time, Nepal was the only Hindu monarchy in the world. The country is situated in the Himalayas and is sandwiched both geographically and politically between India and China. The country has a total area almost five times that of the Netherlands and a population of around 29 million people. Together with San Francisco, the capital Kathmandu is considered to be the most earthquake-prone city in the world.

In 1996, Maoist rebels began an uprising against the government and the monarchy. After elections, the population voted for the abolition of the monarchy. In 2008, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal was founded. 

Eight of the ten highest mountains in the world are in Nepal. It is a land of many high points, but also many low points. Institutions that are familiar to us in the Netherlands such as agencies for youth care, prevention of cruelty to children and education inspection do not exist in Nepal. As a result, many children are left to fend for themselves. Almost a third of the population lives below the poverty line, 2.6 million children are involved in child labour and around 5,000 homeless children roam the streets of the country's cities.


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